Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our little poo pants!

I just have to say that having a baby is the best thing besides getting married to Erik that has ever happened to me. She is absolutly wonderful. Lately she has been smiling! Sometimes when I change her diaper and am talking to her she gives me a big grin and then pees on me. My sweet child. Such a great feeling of joy she gives me. Yesterday she would not go to bed she was up all night cooing and playing all by herself. When I picked her up I asked her what she was doing and she would let out a laugh and smile so big for me. I melted when I saw that. I love that little poo pants. I love being a mom. I never thought I would be one but now that I have a little one of my own I couldnt imagine my life without her. She brings happiness to my life. I cant wait to see to see her grow up into a adult and have little ones of her own, but I dont want her to grow up too fast. Right now I am just enjoying her day to day and thinking of how thankful and blessed Erik and I are to have her in our life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She's Here!!

The last time I wrote to y'all was the same day I went into labor. So funny I was just talking that day about if she was going to come anytime soon, and she heard me. The beginning of that day was just like any other day. I had back cramps and felt like poop. When I got home form work Erik and I went for a walk down the street and back. It took no more than 10 min to complete our walk. We got home and were lying on the couch talking the little girl asking her when she was going to come out. I got up and started fixing homemade chicken pizza when my water broke in the kitchen! I looked down and my water was coming down my leg! I couldn't believe it. I called out to Erik who was lying on the couch. I was like Erik my water broke he jumped up and was like no it didn't and I was like yea it did. He walked over to the kitchen and saw that I was not joking. We are in the kitchen laughing and then Erik makes me go run to the bathroom and get in the tub. So I'm running the the bathroom with my legs tight and laughing. I get to the tub and am just standing there laughing and told Erik to call Dr. Bullock. Erik was then like is this for real, and do we have to go to the hosp. I was like this is the real deal and once water breaks baby is coming. We had plenty of time so get our things ready and head out for the hosp. I felt bad because I was getting ready to mess up Erik's seat in the truck. LOL. So Erik asks me if we have time to stop and grab a bite. I was like yea so we go to Whataburger. Yes, we did stop. I wasn't having contractions yet so I was alright. We get to the hosp and I can hardly believe that the time has come. Nine months of waiting impatiently and now the day seemed to come up like a rocket. We get a room and thank goodness we pre registered because I really did not want to sit and do paper work. We get in the room and the contractions start. Real dull at first and then all of a sudden I was in severe pain! My water broke at 7:20pm and I didn't ask for an epidural till 5am or so when I was going to die. I had pain meds that made me slur so badly I had to quit talking it was funny but not. The nurse called the doc who was going to be administering my epidural, he was at home of course. So every time the nurse walked in the room I was praying that he was behind her. By then I was In so much pain all I could do was stare in front of me and long for him to come to my rescue. When he finally did I didn't show any emotion at all, all I could think about was how I wanted him to stop this pain. After he was done everything was gravy!! I felt so much better. I couldn't feel my legs but that was ok. Erik's sis Ashley came in and was like Wilson your leg is hanging off the bed. Lol, my leg could have been getting eaten by a pack of wolves and I wouldn't have know. She helped my leg back into the bed. Around 10:30 or so I was able to start pushing. That was the most taxing thing ever! I was so tired by the end of it. Around 12:50ish the Doc was like she is coming. All I could do was push until I couldn't push anymore and then push som more and there she was. They put her one chest and all I could do was stare and smile at this beautiful baby Erik and I made. They took her to get weighed and clean up. Erik was a ball of light, he was so happy. She was finally here and she was perfect. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was and how tiny. Her little feet and cute toes, little hands and fingers, we made her and she couldn't have been anymore perfect. They got her all cleaned up and gave her back to me. I sat there looking at his tiny little girl and was so joyful. Erik couldn't take the smile off of his face and neither could I. Our perfect baby girl was finally here and we could have been any happier than we were that moment. They let our family in to see her and it was shear pandemonium, but the good kind. Everyone was happy and tearful and just so happy to finally see her. Erik and I were parents to this little one now and we were going to be be the best parents we can be to her. Now our little one is 7 weeks old now and she is such a delight. She has brought us such joy words can not describe. We are so lucky to have her in our life.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Waiting Game

Erik and I went to the doctor on Monday and the doc said that I was 1 centimeter dilated and my cervix was soft(I know gross huh). Today I am 36 week and 6 day!! So thats a good thing to know my pregnancy is progressing nicely. Earlier that day I started to lose my 'plug'(gross again sorry)and all this week I have been losing more. I dont think that is an indicator of when I will go into labor, but everyone is different. So doc said on our next visit she would measure little girl to see about how big she will be. Erik thinks that she will be 7lbs 11oz like him. This week has been full of new pains and discomforts. My lower back pain is killing me most of the time and little girl is pressing on nerves that are giving me great grief. I know that these pains are only the beginning but they are all worth it in the end. At the end of all the pain, sweat and tears Erik and I will have our lovely, sweet little girl in our arms. So all I can do now is suck it up and wait for our little one to come when she is darn ready too.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick hide the loot!!

So at our house it totally looks like Erik and I robbed a BabiesRUs because our whole living room is covered from head to toe with baby stuff. We had our showers over these past 2 weekends. I have to say we are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends that have helped and supplied us with all of our baby needs.Because if it was up to us poor little girl would be naked. Yall are awesome! We got so many clothes! It made me a little nervous because I was worried that the doctor was wrong and little girl wasnt a girl but a boy and all of this pink stuff would look pretty funny on a boy. Thanks Celi for making me ubber paranoid. LOL. So I got kinda obsessed with cordnating the clothes by month and lableing them with paper. Also I took every bit, and when I mean every bit of plactic and cardboard I got from the clothes I mean every bit and put them into separate bags for recycling. Crazy. I did all this work and then forgot that I needed to wash the clothes so then I separated them again into whites and darks. Yea. I put everything into categories like shoes, toys, bottles, basket covers, cards everything had its place on our kitchen table. No told me I would get crazy with this stuff. Erik was watching me do this and I know he thought I was nuts. He was painting little girls room, which looks so awesome! I have the best husband in the world, he made the room look so good. I wish I could have had a hand in painting it but I dont think paint smell and baby mix well. Now if she decides to come early she will have her own little place to call her own. Now the only thing missing is our sweet baby girl.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not little girls butt...huh interesting.

So yesterday Erik and I had a doctors appt to see how everything was going with little one. We get there late because the guy who cut Eriks hair right before fudged it up and he had to fix it before we went. After his hair looked presentable we were off to the docs. We waited in the waiting room for only a little bit before I had to go in for my weigh in. So these weigh in's are my least favorite thing about the visit because I dread seeing how much weight I gained. So I step on....huh I lost 2 pounds. Awesome. The doc the appointment before said that I may have not been eating enough and that my body was keeping hold of the weight I had as a reserve and to try to eat more. So Erik and I have been eating "clean" as they say and I feel great because of it. Doc said she wasnt concerned about the weight loss at all. So thats good. Ok so on to the exam, she puts the icky goo on my tummy and notices that my tummy is in a giant ball in one spot. As my body was doing this she said to me that the buldge was not little girl but a Braxton Hicks contraction. What! This whole time I thought those buldges were babys butt or back. She said people often think the same thing and that it is really hard to explain unless you see it in action. Im so glad she told me, I would have gone on the whole pregnancy thinking I am rubbing by babys butt. LOL. So I felt very educated after that. She checked little girl and her heartbeat was great. Now I start to go every 2 week!! Yea getting close now! Only 2 months left and we get to meet our little girl.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

She has his nose!

So yesterday Erik and I went to the doctor to do my diabeties test to see if I have the sugars. The drink I had to drink was awful! It was orange flavor and made me want to puke. Im all for sweet things but that drink was a bit much. We had to sit and wait an hour before they took my blood to test my blood sugar. In the meanwhile we went into the doctors office to get my bp taken and stuff. The doc asked me how I have been and I told her I was concerned that Scarlett wasnt moving alot for the past couple day. So instead of just doing a heartbeat check she took me in for an ultrasound. Cool right wasnt expecting that. So shes starts the ultrasound and there she is, that big head popped on screen and her big body so much different from the last time we saw her. Doc said she was moving but she probably just moved to a spot where I feel her less. While she was measuring and checking her out she turns the ultrasound to the 3D kind, like the one where you can see what your baby will look like before she is born. I kinda didnt want to see her because it kinda creeped me out to see her before she was born. But there she was on the screen. She was beautiful! Little tears came out. I was so happy. The first thing I said was "Erik she had your nose!". She did and she has his chin from what I can tell. He little round face was so plump and cute! I fell in love. Erik was excited and was so amazed that this was Scarlett, our little girls face. The doc printed out pics and also made a disk for us too. It was the best visit ever. I totally forgot about the nasty concoction I had drank an hour before and admired out beautiful baby girl. Our sweet baby girl Scarlett.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pre Motherhood Thoughts

So yesterday I was standing in the mirror in my sports bra and my yoga pants brushing my teeth, well I was mezmerized by how big my tummy has gotten. Im brushing my teeth and all I can think about is how lucky I am to be having this little life grow inside of me. As I stood there staring and it it made me so happy that we will soon have this little life in our hands and she will be all for Erik and I. I admired my new found plump body in the mirror and was proud of it. All the while little girl was kicking away and rolling around in her temporary home and it made me fell a glow of warmth and love and wished that that moment wouldnt go away. I imagined the day we would hold her and the way she would look. Everything was in slowmo and I swear time stood still. I was so happy. My smooth belly that looked and felt like a watermelon holding this life that is so precious. I stopped brushing teeth and smiled.